Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back to Santiago

After we left San Pedro, we caught yet another bus and headed for Antofagasta, Its a large port town and the exit point for most of the minerals, mainly copper from Chuquicamata , the worlds largest copper mine.
Here we caught up with another part of Maggie's family.
Many thanks for your hospitality to Cecilia, Bernardo, Don Miguel, Eugustin, Fernanda and JoséMiguel.

Maggie, Eugustin and Cecilia

Maggie and Cecilia

Maggie with JoséMiguel

The Pom and La Chilena in front of the Torre Roloj, a gift by the British, it's a small version of BigBen.

And finally we arrive back in Santiago after another long overnight bus trip, after relaxing for a while, we got ready to go and see Jano's and Lillian's football team play. Antonella Paz (Lilliansdaughter) is starting out early.

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